We're good at vintage sound. The studio is spacious and comfortable, with a control room, a live room and a high ceilinged recreation space at the back that can also serve as a second live room. In addition the back room has alternative access to the studio for heavy equipment and instruments. Click on the links to the right to see details of the equipment we have for use in the studio.

  • Desks

    Soundcraft TS12 analogue (28 channels, 12 bus)

  • Microphone Pre-Amplifiers & Equalisers

    Focusrite Red 1 Quad pre-amp
    Summit MPC100a Valve pre-amp
    Universal Audio 110
    DAV Electronics BG1U dual pre-amp
    Calrec PQ1061 x 2
    Calrec PQ1253 x 8
    Joe Meek VC3Q
    BBC AM9/19A mic pre
    Focusrite Platinum Octopre LE

  • Compressor/Limiter

    Neve 33609 Rev B stereo comp/lim
    Neve 3314a stereo comp/lim
    Universal Audio 2-1176 stereo Limiting Amplifier
    Summit MPC-100a
    DBX 160a
    Calrec DL-1656 x 4
    Klark-Tecknic DN504 Quad Compressor/Limiter

  • Rack Effects

    Lexicon PCM-80 Multi-Effects
    Lexicon PCM-70 Multi-Effects
    Yamaha SPX-990 Multi-Effects
    Yamaha Rev 7 Digital Reverb
    Bel BD-320 Delay
    Eventide Harmonizer H3000
    Ensoniq DP-4
    Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo (tape delay)
    Watkins Copicat (tape delay)
    Sherman Filterbank Mark 1
    Ibanez UE405 multi-effects

  • Keyboard Instruments

    Wurlitzer 200A Electric Piano
    Rhodes 73 Electric Piano
    Welmar Acoustic Piano
    Logan String Machine
    Moog Prodigy Synth
    Nord Lead 1 Synth
    Roland Juno-106
    Korg X3 Synth
    Roland RD500 Digital Piano
    Vintage Harmonium
    Yamaha DX-27
    M-Audio Axiom 61 controller keyboard
    Roland JX-8P Analogue synth (on request)

  • Stringed Instruments

    Fender Telecaster
    Fender Bullet (on request)
    Tanglewood Heritage acoustic

  • Software Instruments

    Native Instruments Komplete 7
    Arturia 5 complete analogue synth collection
    Synthogy Ivory piano emulation
    Various Logic Pro instruments

  • Software Plug-Ins

    Sonnox Elite Collection
    Waves Mastering Bundle
    Waves SSL Collection
    McDSP Emerald, Retro and Classic Bundles
    Abbey Road full plug-in bundle

  • Miscellaneous

    Radial ProRMP Re-amp interface
    Alice Sum & Diff.Pack MS matrix
    Pro AVM MATCH-IT Balancing box
    EMO dual phantom power supply
    Various music stands
    Various mic stands
    Various instrument stands
    Geprufte Sicherheit orchestral mic stands x 2

  • Monitors

    Genelec 1031a active monitors
    Genelec 7050B active sub
    Yamaha NS-10M speakers
    Hafler Transnova P1500 Amplifier
    Rogers LS5/9 speakers
    HH Electronics MX170 stereo amplifier
    Full Class-D 2400W PA with foldback
    Various high-quality headphones (eg DT-100)

  • Microphones

    Vintage Neumann U87
    Neumann Kmi84
    AKG 414 (with C12 capsule) x 2
    AKG 414 EB
    AKG 414 ULS
    AKG C451 CB
    AKG SE300B bodies x 4
    AKG CK91 Cardioid Capsules x 2
    AKG CK92 Omni Capsules x 2
    AKG CK94 Fig-of-8 Capsule
    Calrec CM1050C
    Calrec CB20c with CC50 capsule x 2
    Calrec CM654
    Blue Baby Bottle
    Vintage Beyer M160 x 2
    AEA R84
    Film Industries M8
    Beyer M201
    AKG D202 (rocket)
    AKG D19
    Audix D6
    Electrovoice RE20
    Sennheiser MD421 (vintage) x 2
    Sennheiser MD421
    Shure Beta 52A
    Shure SM57
    Shure SM58 x 4
    Pearl RD-34
    STC 4035
    SE Electronics Gemini Mk1

  • Recording & Playback

    Recording (analogue)
    Studer A807 1/4” tape master recorder
    Tascam ATR-60 1/2” tape master recorder
    Soundcraft 760 2” multi-track tape recorder
    Dolby A Noise Reduction - 24 channels
    Technics SL-1210 MK2 Turntable
    w’ EMO Stereo Phono Pre-amplifier

  • Drums & Percussion

    Vintage Premiere drum-kit
    Various percussion - Latin American, African, Asian etc

  • Other Instruments

    Yamaha Flute
    King 2B Trombone
    Elkhart Series II Euphonium

  • Samplers & Sound Modules

    EMU E6400 Ultra Sampler
    Akai S3000XL Sampler
    Roland Variphrase VP-9000 sampler
    Roland JV-2080 sound module

  • Instrument Amplifiers

    Leslie Type 251 dual rotary valve speaker
    Vintage Fender Twin (1971)
    Selmer Selectortone Truvoice (c1962)
    Orange OR80 Head (1974)
    Nolan 4x12 Cabinet
    Fender 75 combo
    Ampeg Rocket B-100R Bass combo

  • DI Boxes

    BSS AR-133
    BSS AR-116
    Avalon U5
    Behringer DI 100 Ultra-DI

  • Effects Pedals

    Electro-Harmonix Memory Man (chorus echo)
    Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix JH-1 Wah
    Fulltone OCD Distortion pedal
    Line 6 Pod guitar amp modeller

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