"La Chunky is a studio owned and run by a small team of music enthusiasts. The owners, Ronan and Colin, are the kind of people who would probably need a studio anyway to justify their enthusiasm for collecting vintage studio kit and instruments on Ebay and such like. But La Chunky is a lot more than a hobbyists' workspace as it is a fully functional, well-equipped studio.

The Pastels

“Warm, lush sound in comfy, vibey surroundings - the perfect atmosphere to create. A secret world to record in away from the city in the city.” Louise Quinn. A Band Called Quinn.

A Band Called Quinn

"My three favourite studios in the world ( past and present ) are Brilliant Studios in San Francisco , Edwyns Collins studio and LaChunky towers in Glasgow. They are all similarly quirky.Still comfortable but with character and they are all city studios which means the culture of the place you are recording in is right on the doorstep.

Monica Queen

"La chunky towers has everything a modern producer/writer could ask for. The guys really understand the importance of song writing but have an amazing perspective on the sonics and dynamics of what creates a great product. They have such amazing old school retro gear that most studios in the world would kill for and they have a very natural way of merging this with modern cutting edge.

The Blizzards

"I'm not really a fan of commerical recording studios.These spaces usually reek of the pressures of time constraints, clock watching and sucking the energy out of artists. Future Pilot AKA prefer to use informal spaces and in the past have recorded on the rooftops of Delhi, an old floor mill on the River Clyde, and currently a former stable yard in the name of La Chunky.

Future Pilot AKA

"La Chunky is a fantastic space, full of treasures and wonders. But far more importantly, in Colin and Ronan, it has two of the most talented, enthusiastic and friendly engineers you could possibly ask for. Add in to this mix its proximity to the Ben Nevis and the engineers' willingness to frequent said establishment for post-recording refreshment and chat surrounding the merits.

Futuristic Retro Champions